Anonymous said: I posted the previous message anonymously because I find you a bit intimidating.


i promise i won’t bite.


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Anonymous said: You're ultimately my favorite person on tumblr. Judging by your personality on here I think you're a pretty cool lad. Your replies to people are the absolute best and you speak your mind when you need to. And to top it all off you have an amazing sense of fashion.

why would you do this to me? D: i would you compliment me and go anonymous :’(


Anonymous said: Mate, your Bi right??

damn right i am


Anonymous said: Why are you being a dick tonight?

HAHAHAHAHAHAH i was hoping someone would ask this :’) im just toying around with my anons yo ;] its 4 in the morning in canada so no biggie, can’t sleep cause mother fucking jet leg is kicking in


Anonymous said: what do you like in girls?



Anonymous said: You're handsome, but you have enough girls/boys telling you that already, so instead i will say, i love your blog dude

nigga nigga nigga they hate me cause my dicks bigga


stoneherstoner said: last quetion, so you would never date a guy, you just like messing around with them??

i don’t mind dating a guy i just need to find the one that i really like cause im picky with them. plus i could see my self better in a relationship with a girl thats why i never really put the effort to be with a guy.


stoneherstoner said: woah woah woah, youve never dated a boy, then how do you know you are bi?

i never dated a boy but i kissed a boy and i liked it ;)


Anonymous said: have you ever date a boy ?

nope, i will never date a boy, i’m very picky with my men


Anonymous said: you are bisexual??? so have you dated a guy?

i am bisexual but i never been in a relationship with a guy nor dated one.


stoneherstoner said: bc your bi, would you ever date a boy and a girl at the same time?

nah i dont like sharing, i like sticking with one person one at a time.


Anonymous said: post a picture of your girlfriend? if it helps. im from australia? haha, cheers.

nah yo, she doesn’t want her pictures to be up on here!


Anonymous said: wats so great about your girlfriend anyway?

she’s overwhelming amounts of swagger & effortless sexy.